Zelda's Hand Dipped Incense Experiences


Had To Send A Note About Your Incense.
I Like To Start With The Super Fragrance When Opening The Package. Wow!
The Uniformity Of The Sticks Round & The Same Size. 
They All Set In My Wood Burners Safely Without Having To Make Any Adjustments To Get Them To Set Straight.
The Frankincense & Myrhh Was Devine! So Strong Yet Not The Woody Smoke Odor Of Some Others.
The Dragon's Blood Was Delicious! Also Strong And Sweet Without That Woody Smoke Odor Of The Other Guys.
The Joop Yoop Was A New Fragrance. That Suprised Me With So Many Different Sweet Succulent Aromas. I Enjoyed It Too!
The Jasmine Was Exactly What I Expected. The Strong Floral Bouquet, I Am Very Happy.
The Help I Got When Asking Questions Before Ordering. Was Prompt & Informative, Nice Folks To Deal With. 
Best Price Online Too!
Fast Delivery at My House In 5 Days!
Lastly The Burn (Smoldering) Time Is A Strong 45 Minutes!
I'm Very Happy! 😁😁😁
I Will Return For More In The Future!
Great Seller!