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Do your oils last all day ?

Body oils last all day on the skin because there is no alcohol in the body oil. Perfume sprays and colognes evaporate over a short period of time whereas body oils actually go with your body heat thus giving you that lasting scent of your favorite fragrance all day. A drop of body oil can go a long way. Even though your nose may become immune to the scent at days end, other people will still be able to notice the fragrance that you are wearing. That is the main reason fragrances are worn. To blend with you , not be stinky and outstanding and strong they are to blend with your aura.

What is the shelf life of oils ?

Have you ever noticed how perfume sprays evaporate over time when it is not in use. Body oils can last for years and over the life of the oil it matures which means that the oil's scent becomes much stronger and richer and maybe even slightly darker and thicker , direct sunlight ferments the citrus qualities in the oils.

Why should I buy oils ?

You want a startup business where you want to make extra income? The profit margin can be up to 3x the cost. Buying body oils will save you money which you can use for other things. You are essentially paying for the boxes and bottles. With body oils, you are saving money but also you are getting a product that lasts long.

Is it legal to duplicate a designer brand perfume ?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to duplicate a designer fragrance just as long as the fragrance oils that are being sold have a disclaimer stating they are not the originals. That disclaimer is visible on the fragrance collection pages of this website. When a designer scent is created by the manufacturer, only the name and packaging are trademarks but not the scent

How are your perfume oils duplicated ?

The technique is a reverse engineering process. A chromatograph is used to separate all the different components of a fragrance. The fragrance is then rebuilt. Each raw material is a blend of chemicals, a good knowledge of their makeup is required in order to make an acceptable match. A mass spectrometer, helps tremendously, giving a positive identification of each chemical. The perfumer's task is to take all the information and reconstitute the target fragrance. There is a wide variety of raw material manufacturers use around the world, it is very unlikely that you would have the exact same ingredients as in the original fragrance making a perfect duplication impossible. The perfumer will get as close as possible to the olfactory sense of the fragrance.


Where do you get your oils from ?

The oils are purchased from a major perfume oil manufacturer, distributor, and importer whom has been in business for years and that supplies actual perfume companies. Some oils are imported and some are manufactured in the US. Many perfume companies purchase their oils from major suppliers.

Why does the word type follow your names of your oils ?

The reason most of the fragrance names are followed by the word "type" is to acknowledge that the fragrance name is not the original.

How do I wear the body oils that come in the roll on bottles ?

The way you would wear the body oils is by applying the rollerball of the bottle to the pulse points on your body. When the oil is applied, then rub it into your skin. Women can apply the oil to their wrist, the neck,behind the neck, inside the elbows, behind your knees, etc. Men can apply to their neck, wrist, inside elbows, or apply to hands. The oils work best when applied to your body after a bath or shower. These premium body oils are not meant to be applied to your clothing items.

Is it a problem to have essential oils freeze ?

No. Since essential oils don't contain water, they don't actually freeze. What happens is that the cold temperature causes one or more constituent to crystalize. The quality isn't affected although sometimes the crystallized constituents are there in cold weather. Placing the oil in a warm location will eliminate this.

Why are some Musks thicker than others and sticky ?

The thinness or thickness of the oil has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the oil. There are only a few thick oils and one would be Egyptian Musk. Even though Egyptian Musk Yellow, Amber White Yellow, the thickest oils around, the scent of these fragrance is no stronger opposed to some thinner oils such as Lavender. This is due to the ingredients that go into their creations.

Why do I ocasionally see a speck of something in the bottle  ?

Some of the scents are made from essential oils that are made from the leaf of the plant. Patchouli , Eucalyptus and Cinnamon Leaf are especially known for this, as the steam distilled process is from the leaf of these plants.

Previously I got used to another companies version of this oil , now what Zelda's ?

Before you place an order of substantial size to pour into your creative bottles , please buy a roll on sample bottle to show your customers. Zelda's versions are carefully thought out with pure ingredients in mind.

To learn more about Zelda's body oils company buy sample roll on.


Zelda's Party Pack 20 Incense Sticks 

Zelda's Party Pack 20 Incense Sticks 

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