Nature Fragrances

Bergamot - green herbal
Baby Majik

Havana Cigar
Honeydew Melon
Italian Bergamot
Lily of the Valley

Sleigh Bells - blend of pine, cin..etc.
Tea Rose
Ylang Ylang

Most Popular Fragrances

African Musk - clear and must-y !
Amber White ( brown musky)
Amber White ( thick yellow citrus
Arabian Sandalwood (yellow thick) creamy
Crystal Swirl (blue silver - alluring)
Egyptian Musk (clear) powdery

Egyptian Musk (yellow thick) citrus
Egyptian Patchouli - spiced
Egyptian Vanilla - creamy like
Eucalyptus - sharp herbal
Frankincense - spice woodsy -ancient
Lavender (essential oils)
Lavender, sweet
Patchouli (60's style)
Pussy (love) (sweet alluring)

Orgasm (purple)- fruit and must-y !
Myrrh - spice, ancient
Tunisian Sandalwood (thick clear)
Nubian Musk - creamy spikey
Nag Champa - woody sharp
Red Egyptian Musk (deep citrus)
Majmua (green oil)
African Musk (*clear)
Mecca Musk - creamy dreamy
Golden Musk - mellow yellow
Amber White (clear)
Egyptian Musk Superior - makes a presence

More Designer Fragrances

Bombshell vs type W
Dare Me Baby type W
Evolution JZ type M
Halle Berry type W
Halle Berry Orchid type W
Love and Luck type M
Love and Luck type W
My Life - Mary JB type W
South Beach Paris H type W
Tokyo Paris H type W
Rebl Fleur type Rhianna type W
Reveal Hal B type W
Sensuous Estee Type W
Sexual Fresh michel type M
Villian Ed H Type W






T Tommy type M   
Alfred Sung type M
Aramis type M
Bijan type M, Fendi Type M
Bill Blass type M, Crave CK M
Bora Bora (liz) type M
Boucheron type M
Fabulousity baby pht type M
French Connection type M
Freedom T hil type M
FUBU type M, Curves type M
Happy type M,
Higher dior type M
Image - cerruc type M
Intuition -  estee type M
24 Karat - Jivago type M
Latitude Longitude nautica type M
Life - Aramis type M
Liz Claiborne Sport type M
Liz Claiborne type M
Lucky you type M
Mania - Giorgo a type M
Miracle lancome type M
Moschino type M
Nautica type M,
O.P. Juice type M, Quorum 1 left
Oscar de la Renta type M
Phat Farm type M
Pheromone -unisex attractant
Pierre Cardin type M
Pleasures type M
Presence -mont blanc type M
Realm -Erox type M,
Rocobar -Hermes type M
Safari -Ralph type M
Spark liz Cl. type M
Tommy Hilfiger type M
Tuscany -aramis type M
Wings -Giorgio bev H. type M


Tommy Girl type W
Angel Innocent type
Alfred Sung type W, Flowers Kenzo type
All About Eve - joop type W
Allure - chanel type W
Ameriage givenchy type W
Anais Anais cacharel type W
Annick Goutal type W
Arpege - lavin type W , Azzara by L. Azzaro type W
Banana Rebublic type W
BCBG Nature type W
BCBG Star type W  Basic Instinct type W
Beautiful Sheer - estee type W
Betsey Johnson type W
Bijan type W. Fendi type W
Bill Blass type W
Bob Mackie type W
Body VS type W
Bora Bora - liz c type W
Boucheron type W
Breathless vs type W
Burberry type W
Bvlgari type W
Candies type W
Casmir - chopard type W
Celion Dion type W
Champagne - yves st type W
Champs Elysee - guerlain type W
Chance - chanl type W
Chic - mimo chkoudra type W
Chloe Narcissis  type W
Chloe type W
Ciara - revlon type W
Cinnabar - estee type W
Coco c type W
Contradictions CK type W
Cristalle chan type W
Curious - Britney  type W
Curves type  - liz c  W
Dare Me - baby phat type W
Dazzling Gold - estee type W
Dazzling Silver - estee type W
Deep Red (hugo) type W
Delicious Night (dkny)type W
Designs (paul seb) type W
Divine victoria s type W
Echo (davidoff) type W
Ellen Tracy type W
Encounter victoria s type W
Escada type W, Girogio type W
Escape (ck) type W ,  Eternity W
Eternity Moment (flowery)(ck) type W
Eternity Purple Orchid (sweet)(ck) type W
Fancy Jessica Simpson type W
French Connection type W
Freedom (t. hil.) type W,  
Fred Hymen #273 type W
Glamourous - ralph type W
Glow After Dark (jlo) type W
Goddess - Baby Phat type W
Gold DKNY type W
Guess type W  Halle Berry type
Halo victoria s type W
Halston type W
Happy Heart type W
Hearts and Daggers type W
Hot Coutre type W
Hugo Boss type W
Hypnose - lancome type W
I love Love xo xo (moschino) Type W
Iceberg Twice type W
In Control (britney) type W
Intuition estee type W
Jaiper Boucheron type W
Je Reviens type W
Jessica McClintock type W
Jil sander type W ,  JLO type W
Joy jean patou type W vintage'
JP Gaultier type W , Jean Nate’ type
Just Me paris h type W
Kate Spade type W
La air du Temps -  nina ric type W
Lauren Style - ralph l type W
Live -  jlo type W
Live Lux (jlo) type W
Liz Claiborne Sport type W
Liz Claiborne type W
Look VWang type W
Love at First Glow jlo type W
Lovespell vs type W
Lucky you type W
Mahora guerlain type W
Mambo liz c type W
Mania (armani) type W
Manifesto (rosabella) type W
Miami Glo jlo type W Nautica type W
Miracle lancome type W
New West Aramis  type W, Noa - Cacharel type W
Ombre Rose type W
O'OuiD Lancome type W
OP Juice type W
Organza givenchy type W
Oscar de la Renta type W
Oxygene lavin type W (1)
Paris - lancome type W vintage'
Paris Hilton type   
Passion type W
Perry Ellis 360 type W
Phat Farm type W
Pheromone - unisex attractant
Polo Sport type W
Poison type W
Posion, Midnight type W
Precious Jewels - ashanti type W
Ralph type W
Rapture vs type W
Realities - liz c type W
Realm - erox type W
Red 2 - giorgio type W (rare)
Red Jeans - vesace type W
Safari - ralph Lauren type W
Samsara - Guerlain type W
Secret Crush vs type W
Sensi - giorgio A type W
Sensual Sunset vs type W
Sensuous - Estee L type W
Sentiment - Escada type W
Sexy Graffiti Escada type W
Sexy Grafiti vs type W
Sicily D&G type W
Simply - Clinque type W
Spark - liz c type W
Spellbound - estee type W
Stella McCartney type W
Still - JLO type W
Tatiana - diane v F type W
Tiffany - type W
Tocade - rochas type W
Touch - F. Hayman type W
True Love - Arden type W
True Star beyonce type W
Truth CK type W
Tuscany aramis type W
Versus type W
Very Irresisible liv tyl type W
Vivid - liz Clairb. type W
White Shoulders evyan type W
Wings - beverly h type W
With Love  - Hil Duff type W
Ysatis - givenchy type W