Who We Are

Zelda's sources, mixes and delivers high quality custom body oils, oil soaked incense. Pure Aroma HERE ! No Additives ! One Price ! One Grade ! In fact, we are so interested in serving our customers that we give them a free gift with every order ! That is the Zelda's way....

We provide your requested fragrance in an unbranded bottle so that you can customize with your own store label to your own branding and identity. The bottles come with a small fragrance label of the name of the fragrance.

Wholesale priced for gift boutiques, individual home based business, casual resellers, mulit-location signature retail clients. Working everyday to make my brand come to life !


Aromatic Body Oil in Bulk and Incense Sticks

Based in Zelda's crafts handmade body oil and incense sticks that offer every kind of olfactory sensation. Just as a artist on canvas we similar in the blending and mixing of different oils for the same effect. The top note is the most clear smell, the middle note is the one that melds in and out, bottom note lingers...art !


Custom Poured Cologne and Prefilled Roll on Bottles


The colognes that we carry are 39C alcohol mixed with pure oil. All oil is made from natural ingredients, and then hand-poured into bottles. The incense sticks are fashioned from bamboo and then soaked in the oil for days before they are drip dried in cooled buckets, bagged, and coded. All offered at Wholesale Prices for your customized selling experience !


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We simply ask the consumer to compare the price, style, and quality of the designer brand product. These are body oils and not original perfumes, colognes or scented products. Zelda's is not associated or affiliated in any way with the manufacturers, distributors, or owners of the original designer fragrances mentioned. Zelda's products are in direct competition of such companies.