Body Oil 4 oz

Zeldas body oil bulk size 4 oz
egyptian musk Clear Powdery  Amber Musk Clear
4 oz body oil Amber White Sweet Citrus thick
Zelda's 4 ox bulk bottle fills 6 smaller 1/3 oz roll on
Zeldas body oil bulk size 4 oz
egyptian musk Clear Powdery  Amber Musk Clear
4 oz body oil Amber White Sweet Citrus thick
Zelda's 4 ox bulk bottle fills 6 smaller 1/3 oz roll on

Body Oil 4 oz

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Zelda's WHOLESALE BULK SIZE for RE-Bottling for profit as this Bigger size is for RE-SELLERS ! Make your scent selection below. Made in the USA. Higher Quality Thicker Wholesale bulk oil, for the more cleaver noses, After years since 1985 my sources have stayed time after time. All about fragrance! FAQ: fragrance recipes made with clear tend to be very alluring but soft musk. Brown or dark color oil is spice and deep musky, Yellow or orange in color have subtle fruit and musky *for wholesalers this size makes 12 - 1/3 oz roller bottles. 4 oz. = 1/4 lb. $11  Convenient PULL DOWN MENU !

African Musk Clear - sweet musty earthy and fresh ! (clear) perky and active.

Arabian Sandalwood -  Mostly, Woody, mellow and smooth, little sweet coconut and vanilla. yellow thick. yellow thick

Amber - for the amber lover ! amber color) ambers are sexy, passionate and powerful ! 

Amber White (yellow) -  is very sweet and thick but not musky but thick and lingers in your clothes slight yellow color. 

Amber white brown -  is Musky. sensuous.
 Amber white clear -  is light but comes out when body warmth. for now and then allure that catches the wind. just when you think its gone its back , very subtle..

Black Musk - A deep Peppery woodsy deepest darkest sensual with bergamot, pear and oriental woods.  

Bump & Grind - blue fruity

Cedarwood  - used in perfumers with Sandalwood and other citrus oils to make
perfumes. clear

Dragons Blood - an alluring herb that was named for its mystical scent and cleanses the air

Egyptian Musk -  (clear powdery) woodsy for the delicate sensual person. The vintage or boho chic man or women. A Special Pheromone effect that fades in and out all day for attraction sometimes you smell it and when you dont someone else will !

Egyptian Goddess Musk - (yellow) Citrus Musky sweet fragrance, that stays with you, but light enough to wear often. Pungent Fresh and undertone of musty citrus and of course musk. It is subtle that it fades in and out all day , 1st smelling it is one way then fades out then comes back at another part of the day with another pattern of smell , that is how Egyptian Musk is.

The unisex Egyptian Musk Yellow -  is a consistency of thick honey and smells like a citrus but sweet, goes in and out all day that is how musk works. yellow. for the persona of maybe Rock or R & B likes to fanaticize a get-a-way leaning towards plants and leaves. A specially made fragrance that makes you think of body scent on tap !

Egyptian Musk  Red (red spicy and citrus notes) deep musky heavy flowers, loves music and sexy, passionate and powerful. 

Egyptian Musk Vanilla - creamy smelling and yellow in color. a jazzy snappy but yet relaxing scent when you smell the bottom note after a while of wearing.

Egyptian Musk Superior - it so different than other Egyptian Musks. Very Spicy, melds down to vivid spice fresh smell but clean smelling. At the beginning this reminded me of some dried herbs, and I thought that it wasn't for me. A short while later this started to smell better and better and it developed into a really sultry dark and sexy fragrance. Very very attractive. 

Frankincense -  is a spicy oil has a deepness spice smell to it is brown. brown or amber

Golden Musk -  earthy scent with some floral and  rich spice undertones (golden color)
Lavender  - Herbal, with essential oil used in therapeutic instances or worn on the body for spice herbal smells and relaxing for sleep (clear)

Mecca Musk - sweet uplifting musky and fresh light mid eastern spices , spicy earthy amber scent !(lt yellow)

Myrrh - used for centuries for so many healthy uses ! (amber color)

Nag Champa - Smells like a wonderful incense shop ! used for ages for meditation ! (brown)

Nubian Musk - Rich Sweet ! Woodsy , sandalwood, moss . vanilla top note orange/yellow

The Patchouli -  is best described as the unisex 1960's version dark and deep woodsy. experience. cleanses. brown

Pussy - is just that !  a sweet smell and clear oil attraction oil for the opposite sex (love). clear

Tunisan Sandalwood (woodsy then sweet) clear 

Vanilla - can be used with amber to create an exotic fantasy ! (yellow)

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